FloatingWindow Documentation

FloatingWindow Class Library for Silverlight. Read the article about the usage of the FloatingWindow.

The following section contains a list of the most useful class members. Other properties can be found in the code.

FloatingWindow Class

Namespace: SilverFlow.Controls

BoundingRectangleGets a bounding rectangle of the window
CloseButtonStyleThe style of the Close button
DialogResultA value that indicates whether the FloatingWindow was accepted or canceled
FlowDirectionThe direction that title text flows within window's icon
HostThe FloatingWindowHost containing the window
IconContent displayed as an icon of the window on the iconbar. If not specified - a snapshot of the window will be displayed as an icon
IconTextText displayed on the icon of the minimized window
IsModalGets a value indicating whether this window is modal
IsOpenGets a value indicating whether this window is open
MaximizeButtonStyleThe Style of the Maximize button
MinimizeButtonStyleThe Style of the Minimize button
PositionCurrent window position
ResizeEnabledA value indicating whether resizing is enabled
ResizingAreaThicknessThe width of the resizing area
RestoreButtonStyleThe Style of the Restore button
ShowCloseButtonA value indicating whether to show Close button
ShowInIconbarA value indicating whether to show minimized window in the iconbar
ShowMaximizeButtonA value indicating whether to show Maximize button
ShowMinimizeButtonA value indicating whether to show Minimize button
TitleContent displayed on the top of the window. Can contain any UI elements
TitleBackgroundThe title background
TitleStyleThe Style of the Title
TopMostA value indicating whether the window is always displayed in front of other windows
WindowStateGets current state of the window. Can be: Normal, Minimized, or Maximized
ActivateMakes the window topmost and tries to set focus on it
CloseCloses a window
MaximizeWindowMaximizes a window
RestoreSizeAndPositionRestores window size and position stored in the IsolatedStorage at the close of the window
RestoreWindowRestores window state, size and its position if it was minimized or maximized
ShowShows a window
ShowModalShows a window in modal mode
ActivatedWindow is activated and got focus
ClosedWindow is closed
ClosingWindow is closing
DeactivatedWindow is deactivated
MaximizedWindow is maximized
MinimizedWindow is minimized
RestoredWindow is restored

FloatingWindowHost Class

Namespace: SilverFlow.Controls

BarA control displayed in the BottomBar
BootstrapButtonStyleThe style of the BootstrapButton
BottomBarStyleThe style of the BottomBar
IconWidthThe width of the window's icon
IconHeightThe height of the window's icon
OverlayBrushThe overlay color
ShowMinimizedOnlyInIconbarA value indicating whether to show only minimized windows in the iconbar
SnapinEnabledA value indicating whether snap in is enabled
SnapinDistanceDistance between two windows' boundaries when moving window is "attracting" to another one
SnapinMarginA gap between two adjacent windows
WindowIconStyleThe style of the WindowIcon
AddAdds a floating window to the FloatingWindowHost
CloseAllWindowsCloses all floating windows
HideIconbarHides the iconbar
ShowIconbarShows the iconbar
UpdateIconBarUpdates the iconbar if it is open
ActiveWindowChangedActive window is changed
RenderedThe control template is applied and the control can be rendered