FloatingWindow v1.3. Inertial motion

In this version I made the windows really "floating". A simple Inertial Motion Controller (InertialController class) extrapolates location of a window, simulating real-world behavior. For example, when a user flicks a window, it can continue moving, decelerate, and then stop.

There is a Friction Coefficient (COEFFICIENT_OF_SLIDING_FRICTION) you can play with. Currently it is 0.02. Increasing it you decrease velocity and vice versa. Try it!

FloatingWindow v1.2.2. New buttons

In the version 1.2.2 I changed style of the buttons to a bit more "flat". The previous version resembled old-time WinForms buttons.

New Style

FloatingWindow — multi-windows interface for Silverlight 4

New version of the FloatingWindow control library for the Silverlight 4:

FloatingWindow demo

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Customizable Loading Indicator for Silverlight

A simple, customizable loading indicator for Silverlight applications.

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